Female Budgies and Male Budgies

How to tell the gender of a budgie?

The cere is the nose area above the beak that contains the nostrils. It has a different color than the beak itself, and that color holds the clues to your budgie’s gender.

Young female budgies will have a light blue-whitish cere.

Young male budgies will have a light purple or pinkish cere.

An adult female budgie will have a flaky earthy colored cere in the event that she is broody. In the event that she's not, at that point her cere will lean more towards tan or even practically white-ish. It may likewise include a trace of blue, so that can be befuddling, yet it will never be dull blue.

An adult male budgie will have a blue cere. In the event that it's prepared to raise the cere will truly be splendid blue, in the event that it's not, at that point it be a more inconspicuous light blue.

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