Process Builder vs Apex Triggers vs Workflow

When to Use Process Builder or Apex Triggers to Automate

Process Builder - Pros:

Ideal scenarios for using Process Builder.

1. Process Builder can do the following actions without Apex code:

  • Create records and set field values

  • Update related records

  • Create Chatter posts

  • Send an email

  • Create an approval

  • Simple triggers like populating a lookup field based on certain criteria can now be automated in Process Builder

2. Launch an automated flow.

3. Call an Apex class.

Process Builder – Cons:

  • Process Builders cannot handle before DML It executes after a record has been created or updated. Whereas Apex triggers can handle both before and after DML operations

  • Process Builder cannot handle delete and undelete DML. Whereas Apex triggers can handle all DML operations.

  • An error reported in Process Builder is more generic which makes it difficult to find the origin of the error. With Apex triggers, exception handling can be made more specific.

  • It is all or none in case of Process Builder failure. But with Apex triggers partial success is possible.

Workflow Rule

Things we can do using workflow are listed below

  • Update a field

  • Send an email

  • Create a Task

  • Send an outbound message.

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